How-To Technical

Restoring HP ProCurve configuration using USB

Here are some steps I used to restore my saved HP ProCurve configuration file to my new switch using USB and the console cable.

  • Connect your console cable to a computer
  • Load up a program such as putty. Change the connection type to Serial then click Open
  • Your screen will turn black. Press enter 2 or 3 times to initiate the connection and the ProCurve switch should give you a response.
  • In the command line type configure to enter the configuration mode.
  • Type show configuration to verify the current configuration.
  • Plug in your USB Stick that has the configuration file; be sure that the USB stick has been formatted to FAT32 and that the file in is the root of the drive
  • From the command line type: copy usb startup-configĀ <config_file_name> press enter and your switch will reload with the new configuration

*to save a config you would type: copy startup-config usb <config_file_name> and press enter.