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SharePoint 2013 Issue: Select a value from at least one category

Environment: SharePoint 2013 (Farm)
Issue: Creation of Subsites
Error: Select a value from at least one category

I have encountered this issue where users (including myself) have attempted to created sub sites and are giving a response message of  Select a value from at least one category.

Funny this about this is that “Site Categories” are selected

Here are steps I followed

Navigate to site, in my case any of them.
Site Contents > *under sub sites* select “new subsite”
I filled out the title, description, template, permissions etc… and selected the site categories available ,  then clicked “Create”

Page reloads and I have the following message in (red) “Select a value from at least one category.”

Does anyone know how I can correct this behavior?

Self Site Creation is enabled for the Farm and Permissions are site on the main site to allow for site creation.

I logged this in the technet for help also…


I got a response —

Firstly, let us verify the followings:

What site is the parent site?
Which template did you use for the subsite?
What permission did you use for the user who created the subsite?
Please grant the user full control on the parent site, then create a subsite, compare the result.

In addition, please check the log file to find more information about this issue. The path of the log file is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS.

I hope this helps.

My response —

The site is a few sites below the parent site; where http://<parentsite>/department/team1/default.aspx

I am attempting to create a site here following the steps I provided previously.

The site template I am attempting is “Team Site” | Using the space permission as parent site (I’ve attempted using unique and get the same end results).

Next is Navigation Inheritance. Here I have attempted both options ‘yes’ and ‘no’ same end results

Then I have my site categories:

I have attempted choosing a single, even multiple and yet I have the same end results.

Looking in the logs —

I noticed the following in the log – Unable to write SPDistributedCache call usage entry. However this may be completely unrelated as many users are accessing this system while I am investigating.

One thing I did notice was the following:

05/07/2014 11:30:22.70 w3wp.exe (0x2C50) 0x0898 SharePoint Foundation Request Management
adc7u Medium
Mapping URI from ‘http://<parentsite>:80/departments/team1/_layouts/15/newsbweb.aspx’ to ‘http://<server’s hostname>/departments/team1/_layouts/15/newsbweb.aspx’

I took notice of this because we are using an internal FQDN alternate access mapping to the server and had removed the servers <HOSTNAME> leaving the FQDN as the default.

I don’t see how this would come to play for my issue but the logs show it so there is something happening here…


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I am getting this same error while creating new site particularly on one site collection.
In this site collection “List this new site in the site directory” option is missing.

Have anyone found any solution for this issue.

I have tested a possible solution for this.
I setup a test environment and restored a backup on the content database and this issue resolved itself.

So what I am thinking could be done in production is detach of the database, deletion of the site, remake and attach content database

Found an answer

Go To _layouts/15/SiteDirectorySettings.aspx for the particular site collection and make sure –
No site categories are mandatory. option is selected
Hope this will save your time!

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