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SharePoint Document Library as a Network Drive

SharePoint can be fun if you just let it…

This post applies to SharePoint 2010 as I haven’t yet to play with the features of SharePoint 2013, although I am confident the same method would apply.

To map a SharePoint 2010 Document Library as a network drive you need to first copy the SharePoint document library URL. For example, I am using my document library from my ‘my sites’ location where I have “http://my.sites.jermsmit.domain/personal/jsmith/PersonalDocuments”.

I then open Windows Explorer, right click on Computer and select Map Network Drive

In the what network folder would you like to map?’ area I choose a drive letter that I would want “S” is a good choice as I have other mapped and its the next in the line for me. Choose what fits you best.

If you are in the same active directory domain you should not be prompt for a users and password. If you aren’t  just apply the domain/user and password you have been assigned for the SharePoint 2010 environment.

At this point you should be able to access your SharePoint 2010 document library contents right from Windows Explorer

– Jermal