Viewing Google Chrome’s cached web page

I recently posted a few things here on and in a freak accident I rolled my server back and lost some posts. Bad system admin on my part of not having backups setup outside of the server like i use to have (more on that later).

I know I have viewed the site several times and that data should have been cached, and I started looking and what I found was that I could type chrome://cache in my chrome address bar and it would begin to give me a list of cached resources.

Looking for items were as simple as CRTL F to search for them and when found the URL’s looked something like: chrome://view-http-cache/

On further inspection I notice that each would only gave me the HEX+ASCII preview of the resources contents. Chrome has given me a view of raw data with HTTP headers and other data received from the web server.

So how does one do this?
You need to convert this using a script. I have found a few posts online about doing this and plan to setup something on my local server so that I have a quick location to use when I need to do so.

Here are the links I have found and hope they are are of good use.