Happy #NationalPasswordDay!

Today is NationalPasswordDay 2018 – May 3, 2018 The following is a list of good practices designed to keep individuals and their data safe online. Email Security Avoid opening emails, downloading attachments, or clicking on suspicious links sent from unknown or untrusted sources. Verify unexpected attachments or links from known senders by contacting them via another […]

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Tech Short: Modify vCenter Single Sign-On Password Policy

Warning:  I do not advocate that anyone to make modifications which extend outside of their organizations security policies. Doing so may put account security as risk. By default, passwords associated with vSphere Single Sign-On expire every 90 days. As a user approaches this expiry point they will be reminded that their password is about to […]

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Tech Short: Change Password VMware vCenter 6

The day would come where I would need to change my password in vCenter… Today was that day; Thankfully vCenter places am informative notice of your expiring password. Here is how you can change your password using vCenter 6: Log into vCenter 6 Click Home. Click Administration. Click Single Sign-On > Users and Groups. Click the Users […]