Capture PuTTY Session Logs

In the past week I have had my good share of working on remote systems where I needed to utilize the tool PuTTY to issue commands; not all of them documented. To assist me in documenting my steps I often use the session logs. However this normal has been a manual process in the heat of […]

How-To Technical

Missing access.log in lighttpd

I’ll make this one short: A few days ago i got Lighttpd up and running and even moved my WordPress blog onto it. This was a nice clean install that is working properly, starting properly. There seems to be something missing! Oh! yeah! Where is my access.log. I attempt to tail -f /var/log/lighttpd/access.log and there was nothing there. This took me […]

Personal Technical

“Why is there no /var/log/messages any more?”

Woah!  I just noticed this was missing.  I have used this for many years as my go to location for messages in my Ubuntu Linux environments. With the newest update of Ubuntu this seems to be gone.  {Shocker}   But, there is no need for worrying… The logs I was looking for are in /var/log/syslog. […]