vSphere 6.5: OVF Import – The provided manifest file is invalid

Importing a template from vSphere 5.5 and importing to vSphere 6.5 the following error was encountered: The provided manifest file is invalid: Invalid OVF checksum algorithm: SHA1 To get fix this error the following steps were taken: Step 1 – is to extract your ova template (after all its only a zip) You will notice 3 files once […]

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OVF Deployment Issue Ubuntu Snappy 15.04-stable (5 cloud)

When you have time, you do something. Tonight I was headed over the Ubuntu site to grab me the latest version because I was thinking of installing OpenStack when I noticed on their landing page and noticed “Get Ubuntu Core” ; yes something new. But where is my Raspberry Pi? No worries they have OVF […]