There are times where I run a command that I needed to only need it again at a later time.  Most of the time I document my steps, but there are those time where I just do things in the heat of the moment to get what I need done.  So what can one do?  […]

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Mounting a remote file system using ssh (sshfs)

For some time I have always used tools such as scp sftp to copy files between Linux based systems. Until the growing need to have this process simplified.  I recently fell in love with Linux all over again with the new release of Ubuntu.  I always had known it was possible but never had the […]

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HowTo: VMware Tools in Ubuntu 10

Again I am working on my server; a virtual machine powered by VMware.  I recalled that I did not have the tools installed; also the virtual server console gave me an additional reminder.  So I decided to install. There are a few things to do before installing.  First we need to make sure our server […]