The su Command: Elevate Yourself

OS:  Unix / Linux Often called the “Super User” command. The su (short for substitute user) command makes it possible to change a login session’s owner without the owner having to first log out of that session. Although su can be used to change the ownership of a session to any user, it is most commonly […]

How-To Technical

PS3 Media Server (Again)

It’s been about 2 years now and well it was time for me to rebuild my PS3 Media Server The last time I made a write up about this; I gave a few steps and left some out. Here is my rebuild and steps I took to get it working. I started off by installing […]


How do you ssh into a Linux

I know there is one person out there that may not know this, so I will share. You you ask, how does one log into a remote Linux (UNIX) system using SSH.  Well the answer is simple. If you are on a Linux (UNIX) system, open your terminal and use the following command: ssh userid@server-ip ( […]



There are times where I run a command that I needed to only need it again at a later time.  Most of the time I document my steps, but there are those time where I just do things in the heat of the moment to get what I need done.  So what can one do?  […]