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Uninstall Software using WMI

I touched on this in a previous post here.  Where I needed to remove some software which was installed but was no longer listed in add/remove software of the machine I had been working on.

Fortunately by using WMI we can get the necessary info  and tool to remove / change software we no longer need. Just follow the steps below.

Open a command prompt as administrator and type: WMIC PRODUCT LIST to get a list of products and the GUID associated with them.

I found using the following command works best: WMIC PRODUCT GET Caption, IdentifyingNumber > c:\info.txt

Once you have the GUID of the software you want to uninstall you simply type: MSIEXEC /X {GUID}

Software is now uninstalled and you can proceed.

The steps provided can be used for any software you are looking to uninstall that is not listed under Add/Remove programs.Just follow the steps as such:

  • Get the product GUID from WMI (Win32_Product class)
  • Find the GUID related to the product or products that the SQL error mentions
  • Run MSIEXEC /X {GUID} for each of the products to uninstall them manually.


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