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Windows 8 file history feature

File history is a new way to back up your files and it keeps a chronological history of the files in your document libraries. All you need to do is activate and turn it on.
Steps to enable this feature:

  1. From Start Screen, type “File History”, click on settings in right pane, click on File History icon
  2. Navigate to: “Control PanelSystem and SecurityFile History” in the Desktop Control Panel
  3. Once you have the File History Control Panel page open simply click ‘Turn On’ to enable this. You can also changes settings to select attached drives

After this setup process File History checks every hour to see if any of the files in these locations have changed, and backs up any files as needed. Please note this is simply a default setting you can make this as granular as you wish down to 10 minutes.

Restoration of files is also just as simple:

  1. Click on “Restore personal files” in the File History Control Panel dialog
  2. Browse to the location where your files were backed up to
  3. Double click on the file or folder that you wish to restore
  4. Select the version to restore
  5. Click on the “Restore” button

So have a blast you active worker and remember you can restore files when needed, and never forget to have a full backup plan and even backups off-site.  Tools such a s CrashPlan are perfect for this.