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Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB, What’s That?

If you pondered on what is “LTSB”. Here is some “shared” info for you. What is the Long Term Servicing Branch? “Windows 10 uses a new approach to providing updates to users. Traditionally Microsoft would release a version of Windows and then provide updates such as security and bug fixes, but not add any major, […]

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Windows 10 Windows Updates using P2P Technology

Hey Folks, It seems that Windows 10 has the capability of downloading Windows updates using a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. Seems like a smart move to deliver their software to end users. After all we are all connected these days. The new option that allows Windows 10 users to enable this feature that will speed up downloads due […]

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How to Enable Data Compression & Bandwidth savings in Google Chrome Mobile Application

A new feature in Google Chrome Mobile which allows you to enable compression to  save on data usage is available. To enable this feature the following needs to be done: If you don’t have Google Chrome installed – download it from the Play or App Store. Once you have it downloaded and installed open Google Chrome […]

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Windows 8 file history feature

File history is a new way to back up your files and it keeps a chronological history of the files in your document libraries. All you need to do is activate and turn it on. Steps to enable this feature: From Start Screen, type “File History”, click on settings in right pane, click on File […]

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