Windows 8 & Sun VirtualBox

While I wait for Windows 8 I look for ways to run this in a virtual machine on my workstations. I have been successful in running Windows 8 on ESXi  and VMware Workstation 8 I had no luck with using the free product VMware Player 4.X.    VMware Player was updated and now supports the running of Windows 8.

This is where Sun’s Virtual Box steps up and gives me, you… a free solution to a problem in need of much solving.

So let no man or woman say running Windows 8 in a virtual machine say its impossible or they need to pay for an expensive solution. While I also prefer VMware.  At this time cost is to high and  when you ‘need’ to test.  The Virtual box solution and others like it provides the best solution.

Here is some linkage:

And remember to have fun.

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