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Windows Server 2016 Core: Apply Windows Updates, with SCONFIG

In my previous post ‘Windows Server 2016 Core Configuration, with SCONFIG‘ I stepped through how to use the sconfig tool to modify settings on Windows Server 2016 Core.  In this post, I will introduce you to how to go about running Windows Updates and applying them to your server.

Here are the steps I used:

  1. Log into the console of your Windows Server 2016 Core System
    You need to log in as an administrator and should arrive at a command prompt
  2. Enter the command Sconfig and press enter
    The Server Configuration tool interface should be displayed
  3. Select 6 from the Server Configuration List
    This opens the Windows update software, allowing you to search for updatable software
  4. Select from the list of results the software update that you would like to download and install.
    You can choose a single update or update them all
  5. Depending on the update you may be required to reboot your system, select yes to restart

That’s it – Congrats you have updated your Windows Server 2016 Core Server

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