Workout – Upper Body Dumbbell Chest Workout

Hey everyone, I have this new hit it hard workout exercise. using dumbbells to help me with stabilization and work those parts of my body I don’t work often. Most of all to practice proper form.

As I did in my previous post; I have included some links back to to show you the proper methods.

So lets start:

Requirements – A bench, dumbbells (weights you can support), ability to do push-ups, some time and most importantly; You.

You will do this exercise in the following order

  1. Close Grip Dumbbell Press Pullover (10x) (weight ‘n’)
    Here I am using two dumbbells pressed close together while giving a smooth chess press between each movement
  2.  Dumbbell Chest Press (10x) (weight ‘n+10 lbs’)
    This is an excellent way to work the Chest
  3. Push-ups (10x)
    I have come to love these. Push-ups are one of the oldest and most basic of exercises, best of all it boost your metabolic rate so you burn more calories working all of your body while you do them.
  4. Rest 60 second and start the set over again – this is simple, just rest have a few sips of water and prepare for to the next go around.

I hope you enjoy, I know I did.

Need more?  Let Mike Chang over at Six Pack Shortcuts show how.

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