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mount windows share using cifs

Once again I am tinkering with my Raspberry Pi doing things.  Now I want to mount my windows share remotely to move files around, also extend my storage remotely. As always I share how to do this with some simple steps.

To mount a remote Windows share In Debian Squeeze you need to make sure that cifs-utils is installed. To install cifs-utilis, just use apt-get:  apt-get install cifs-utils (apt-get update && apt-get install cifs-utils) if you haven’t did an update in a while.

After the install (or before) you need to make a directory to mount to. In my case I use the /media/video/ location because I am mounting video files and like to keep my names logical to what I am mounting or else I might forget.

To do this I then type the following:
mount -t cifs // /media/video/ -o username=accountname,password=password

To verify your work all you need do is change directory into the /media/video and do a ls command, you can also do this by just typing ‘ls /media/video

Now wasn’t that simple