Reset Equallogic to Default Settings

While its fresh on / in my mind I will share with you.

It was time to reset my Dell, Equallogic Storage Array. I am in the middle of troubleshooting some issues and its for the best. The steps are simple so I will just put them out here. Sorry no frills.

To reset the Dell, Equallogic Storage Array to factory defaults you console into the system. After successfully logging into the group member you issue the following command at the member prompts:

equallogic> reset

The following warning will display

Warning: This command resets an array to the factory
defaults (original condition). The result is the
elimination of all group and volume configuration
information and any volume data residing on the array.

It is strongly recommended that you not reset a running
array. Instead, use the delete member command which moves
data from this array to other arrays and automatically
resets this array.

The question will be asked

Reset this array to factory defaults? [n/DeleteAllMyDataNow]

Type: DeleteAllMyDataNow

You will then see the following:

Setting cache to write through
Resetting system, this will take a few minutes.
Deleting backup password files
Deleting agent.cnf
Cleaning-up /pss/dumps/
Cleaning-up /pss/update/
Successfully stopped process
Successfully stopped process
Zeroing drives, nvram and rebooting the system

When completed you just have to configure your array

2 replies on “Reset Equallogic to Default Settings”

Is there a way to reset a PS100e (older Equallogic array) if we DON”T have access to log in?

This is an older device that has been gathering dust on the shelf. I am trying to re purpose for our in house lab. But (of course) the docs are missing the and system admin is long gone…

Was hoping for a simple, “insert paperclip to pin hole, hold down power button, turn yourself around, do the hokey pokey and VIOLA’! the unit is reset to factory defaults!



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