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What is this Office11ShipAssert error?

I am looking into an error being thrown in the WER directory of several Windows 7 computers running Office 2010 SP2. The error report was picked up by an IDS as communication to as communication going to “Application Crash Report Sent to Microsoft” and thus the investigation has started. The error message is located […]

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AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsWER and Drive Space

I notices that I was low on disk space in one of my machines with a small disk volume on the system partition. So with the help of my handy HDGraph I was able to locate the area of my free disk space consumption. It seems that the Windows Error Reporting Service was dumping logs on programs or applications crashes into […]


Disable Error Reporting in Server 2003

This is not something I recommend you do, as this limits the ability to properly obtain details about errors in applications which reside on your server.  However there are times where the application developers and support staff are reluctant to resolve the issue so you take steps to prevent these error log messages from running […]