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Dirty Cache – Dell, Equallogic Storage Array

Dirty Cache – Dell, Equallogic Storage Array I hope you never encounter such an issue, but if you found yourself searching for a method to get online you’re in luck. Symptoms: Equallogic Storage Array  no longer responds to pings iSCSI attached volumes have all gone offline Unable to access the Equallogic Storage Array using SAN HQ […]

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How to clear Internet Explorer cache in Metro

If you need to clean the browser cache / history in the Metro version of IE 10 do the following: Press the Windows key to get into the Start Screen. Then run Internet Explorer Metro Press Windows + C key combination to open the Charms bar. You can also display it by touching the right […]

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Firefox + Cache + Ram

Playing around with using ram-risk configurations lately I decided to attempt to store cache data my web browser (Firefox) in memory rather than on the conventional location (my hard-drive). So by following these simple steps I was able to accomplish just this, and here are the steps I took Create a location where you would […]