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Tech Short: How To Change The MTU – Server 2016

  Troubleshooting an application issues which could possibly be network related.  I found myself needing to make some adjustment to the maximum transmission unit (MTU) setting of my server.  As such what better time to post a quick technical short on how to go about doing this.   How To Change The MTU – Windows Server […]

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Remove Wireless Profiles in Windows 10

Similar to my previous post ‘Windows 8: Remove Old Wireless Network Profiles‘ the following are steps which can be preformed in both the command prompt or PowerShell prompt. Task: Clean up all wireless profiles in Windows 10 Requirements: PowerShell or Command Prompt Elevated Privileges Steps: Open, a PowerShell prompt or Command prompt as Administrator Enter netsh wlan show profiles […]

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Windows 8: Remove Old Wireless Network Profiles

Recently I changed wireless access points with another of the same name. Rather than the name remaining “” in windows it changed to “ 2”. Perhaps just me, but I found this to be a little annoying. So I jumped in the command line (as administrator) and performed the following steps Opened the command prompt […]