Samsung Updates: Galaxy S7 SM-G930V VZW USA (Verizon) – G930VVRS4BRA1

Thursday, January 25, 2018. Today Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930V) device users on the Verizon Wireless network are receiving the latest Firmware 7.0 Nougat update. This new update for the SM-G930V model is expected to add to the phone speed and conserve battery power or even add some light touches on the system Galaxy S7, update G930VVRS4BRA1.   […]

How-To Technical

Verizon FiOS Router DLNA Issues

Recently I noticed an issue with my FiOS router no longer allowing my DLNA Clients to connect to my PS3 and MiniDLNA Server when connecting over wireless. My wired clients were unaffected by this issue. Firmware Version: 20.19.8 Model Name: MI424WR-GEN2 Hardware Version: E After some tinkering I discovered that IGMP Proxy settings was causing my problem. […]

How-To Software Technical

Release DHCP lease on Verizon FiOS

Do you have a need to release your FiOS IP Address for a new one? There are those times where you just wanted to move to another address. I find myself doing this from time to time. Below you will find some steps to do this and avoid calling the FiOS Support Center to do […]