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Bria Android Smartphone App

I have been testing several free SIP Apps to go along with my FreePBX Asterisk server and after using an excellent app CSipSimple for a while I wanted to test how one of the paid variants would compare. This had me looking right at CounterPath Corp’s Bria VoIP Softphone for Android. An app suited for corporations […]

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Google Voice Setup on FreePBX and Asterisk Version 11

This past weekend I installed a fresh new FreePBX (FreePBX 2.11.0) distribution with Asterisk 11.3. The install of FreePBX and Asterisk is made simple and once installed you have a fully functioning PBX waiting for your phones and trunks to connect. I don’t have a trunk provider at this time so I decided to use Google Voice […]

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Asterisk 11

Hello All, Its been awhile and now I am back to using #Asterisk version 11. Best of all is the simple to configure Google Voice configuration setup via the #FreePBX Web Interface. Asterisk 11 introduces several new features that build on the features in Asterisk 10. Highlights include: Call Identifier Logging, which makes it easier […]



DISA (which stands for Direct Inward System Access) allows you to provide an internal dialtone to external callers. When you configure a DISA destination, you can use it as a menu destination within a Digital Receptionist, so that you can get an internal Asterisk dialtone. This means you could call into your Asterisk system and […]

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Activate Call Waiting in Asterisk

Call Waiting permits callers to get through to you even when you are on the phone with another call. You will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You will then be able to put your current caller on hold and answer the new call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as […]

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I’m Running FreePBX & Asterisk (Ver.

Well this IT guy is happy about his work installing and setting up Asterisk / FreePBX + Google Voice. I now have a cool little system that will allow for me to use the full “FREE” part of Google Voice and the power of a PBX System Who could ask for anything more?   OK! […]