How-To Technical

Revive Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 after drained battery

The first time I encountered this issue I called Samsung and sent off my tablets to get fixed. This is while I was still under their service contract. They had fixed one and because of a small scratch on the screen of another they declined to fix unless I paid $60.00. I said no and had […]


Dryer Cleaning / Troubleshooting

This week like many weeks before it we are doing laundry as we normally do when noticed a smoke smell coming from our laundry room.  The smell was like that of a cigarette. The smell seemed to be coming from the dryer. So why not open it up and take a look inside. On inspection […]

Hardware News


… Not so long ago (Back in the day).  There was a place named RadioShack  and it was the first place many of us looked for parts.  The parts to fix that which was broken.  Today the Shack isn’t what it once was and now  RadioShack is now looking for input from us to help […]

Software Technical

DIY: Black Holes (in Exchange Server)

Create a distribution group Be sure that there are no members in this distribution list/group. Add the SMTP addresses of the ex-employees or address to the distribution list/group, if account exists.  Add them as secondary SMTP addresses to the distribution list/group address. *note* enter the properties and change the delivery reports; and set it not […]