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VMware Guest Customization Specification, Configure Domain Joining

I recently worked to correct an outstanding support issue of VMware Guest Customization Specification not joining guests to Active Directory Domains. I thought I’d share my setup so it might help others facing similar issues. Log into the vSphere console, navigate to the Home page section From the Home page click the Customization Specification Manager […]

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Windows Server 2016 Core: Active Directory Domain Services

To lower my memory footprint in my home lab I decided to move from into Windows Server 2016 Core.  That said running Active Directory Domain Service seems to be the perfect candidate to start with my new architectured lab environment. There are several prerequisites required for enabling ADDS, but I am not going to get into […]


Which Active Directory Group Policies are being Applied to your Accounts

Playing a bit of detective, I started reviewing Active Directory Group Policies that had been applied to workstations, in an attempt to resolve a few reported concerns regarding polices being applied successfully. Using the gpresult command I was able to output all of the polices applied. The command requires the specification of scope to be […]

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How to demote a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller

In this short write up I will go over steps to demote a Server 2012 domain controller. If you have worked in Active Directory and Windows Domain Administration over the years you may recall that in previous version of Windows Server that you would use the command line tool of ‘DCPROMO’ to promote or demote […]


PowerShell: Unlock Active Directory Users Account

Use:   Listing account lockouts in Active Directory Unlocking locked out accounts # Open PowerShell or PowerShell ISE with an account with rights to unlock accounts # Import the Actice Directory Module to PowerShell # Import-Module ActiveDirectory # # Run the Search-ADAccount command to search for accounts that are locked out # Accounts locked out […]

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Tech Short: Using PowerShell to join Computer to AD Domain

Working on a server installation I decided to use a simple yet effective power-shell command to join a Windows Server 2012/R2 system to our domain. For the sake of brevity lets just show you. Requirements: Admin access to the computer/server you are joining to the domain along with permissions in the AD domain to join […]